Understanding Gender Equality, From A Gender Activists Perspective

Understanding Gender Equality, From A Gender Activists Perspective

Talk about Gender Equality and find some individuals, both men and women who are still living in their #scotosis, check your timeline to gather information about you, whether you are married, have children, staying with your spouse, whether you know how to cook and others.

Some are very good at judging people by appearance and they normally conclude by saying you’re not a marriage “Kuffour Medase Material” It is understandable.

Now let’s get these issues clear here…
🛑Technically, Gender is not synonymous with women.
🛑It includes learned behavioural differences or social attributes between men and women, acquired during socialization in a given community or household.
🛑The behaviours change overtime
🛑It encompasses the roles, actions, tasks, responsibilities performed according to sex (male/female)
🛑These roles, tasks, responsibilities, and actions are influenced by Perceptions, Expectations arising from Socio-Cultural, Political, Environmental, Economic and Religious Factors as well as Custom, Law, Class, Ethnicity, and Individual or Institutional Bias.

Now Gender Equality implies that the interests, needs, and priorities of both sexes are taken into consideration in decision making. Isn’t it fair enough? Who even scheduled the roles? Must we continue to allow perceptions, expectations and these biases guide our actions?

JulietBawuah the new Head of Sports at #MediaGeneral. #TV3 #Onuafm #3News #Congratulations

Let’s break the myths surrounding Gender Roles and Norms. Let’s stop the Gender Stereotyping. Let’s embrace Gender Equality.

Mind you, the Equal to sign (=) is never complete without the two dashes, one on top and one down, both men and women have a great role to play to achieve #SDG5

I didn’t study Gender and Leadership for nothing. Moreso, YALI Trained me to Macho my voice on any issue that will bring about Social Change. So let’s continue to advocate today for our own benefit tomorrow, yes let’s win together ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Our society will change without any amount of Dollars but your voice and mine.

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