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Quantum Ideas Ghana

made up of a group of hardworking youths who are passionate about the current, imminent and impending challenges of our world today, qi-gh satisfies the goal 17 of the united nations sustainable development goals which is to revitalize global partnership for sustainable development.


In honour of the World Cleanup Day, QI-GH made it to the Pantang General Hospital to cleanup the facility and had one on one interaction with the patients to know the status of their health and development. In our part of the world, QI-GH believes in sharing and spending precious time with the physically and mentally challenged individuals. They are people who needs the world to stay behind them and support them reunite back into the society they once lived in full health in the mind and soul and spirit. This is what Quantum Ideas stand for.

Our Mission and vision statements



To contribute to the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals through innovative ideas and to facilitate collective efforts in and across boarders to finding solutions to the global challenges


To create awareness for youth engagement in global issues

To mobilize, redirect and unlock transformative and innovative power of the youths to deliver on the objectives of the SDGs.

Creating and sustaining pathways for volunteerism for the attainment of the SDGs


Tree Planting at Trade Fair

In partnership with Greenway International Foundation, Quantum Ideas-Ghana, planted over 200 trees from Trade Fair to Labadi. This was QI-GH’s role of making the environment green and healthy.

Library Project in Awaso


Quantum Ideas – Ghana believes in the provision of quality education to every single individual. In our part of the world, access to quality education and learning resources are not evenly distributed. On February 2019, we identified the need to operationalize an unused library facility in Awaso, a town in the Western Region. We were determined to create the opportunity for school going children and adults in the community to have unlimited access to learning materials that will enhance their academic activities. On this premise, we spearheaded the renovation, furnishing and stocking of the facility in collaboration with the traditional council and our partners.Students in this province stand the opportunity to satisfy their thirst in knowledge acquisition through research.

Education on Menstrual Hygiene

The education on menstrual hygiene went viral yesterday and there were all indications that the messages were well bought. Thanks to CECIYAA FOUNDATION and Quantum Ideas Ghana with the GHANA GIRLS MISSION, the Menstrual Hygiene Day was marked at Vakpo Todzi D/A Basic school with all joy. Norde Casia and Mama Delali were with us to bring back the old memories of menstrual hygiene. Lessons were learnt, the girls were happy to share their first day experiences with us all. All the lies and rumours they've ever heard about menstruation were dispelled amidst laughter. Let's do this again and again and again.

International Youth Day

It was International Youth Day yesterday, we promised to make it wow and we delivered. Thanks to God for making it successful and to you all members, supporters, volunteers, well wishers, partners and all, words alone cannot Express our heartfelt appreciation. Let's do this again and again and again.

Herbal Soap Making with Women of Ashomang Estate

Our Q-Herbal soap making took just less than an hour to train, the End result, amazing! We are just a phone call away to hit your community with this training. Common, let's win at life together. For how long are we going to help others live their dream lives while we sit and lament over money all day? Learn to be your own Manager.